2022 International Grant Awardees

Congratulations to our fantastic honors students who were recently awarded various international travel grants! Ten honors students have been selected as Fulbright awardees, Study Abroad Diversity Ambassadors, or Gilman awardees. Read below to find out more! The Fulbright Program is designed to increase understanding between the people of the U.S. and other countries by providingContinue reading “2022 International Grant Awardees”

Experience Study Abroad: IES Chile

Although the COVID-19 pandemic certainly impeded study abroad opportunities, some of our students were still able to have incredible experiences abroad! Check out Emma’s reflection on how perseverance and openness led to a Chilean adventure! I felt overwhelmingly anxious the morning of February 27th, 2022, when I woke up to go to the airport toContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: IES Chile”

Discover Study Abroad: Alicante, Spain

One of the great things about studying abroad is the ability to completely customize your experience to your goals you have in college! These experiences give students the ability to learn so much more about the world around them and the people they can meet – this was no different for Nick. Read below toContinue reading “Discover Study Abroad: Alicante, Spain”

Experience Study Abroad: Virtual International Business

Even though international travel has been unfeasible, there are still wonderful opportunities for students to have international encounters! Through seminars, cultural “excursions”, and project-based learning, Colin Behr’s virtual study abroad experience taught him how to effectively conduct business and communicate with different cultures. When many write final narratives on their study abroad experience, they usuallyContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Virtual International Business”

Experience Study Abroad: Virtual International Business Management

“I found this experience to be extremely beneficial in developing my global perspective and mindset.” As a Tippie College of Business student, Maria’s virtual study abroad experience helped to prepare her for future classes and discover her career goals once she graduates. Little did she know that virtually studying abroad would be impactful on bothContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Virtual International Business Management”

Experience Study Abroad: Virtual International Medicine

Are you curious about how global circumstances have affected study abroad programs? Check out Sarah Stanley’s reflection! As a student on the pre-med track, Sarah’s virtual study in the Dominican Republic broadened her experience with patient care, and affirmed her future interests. … This winter, from December 28th to January 15th, I had the lifeContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Virtual International Medicine”

Experience Study Abroad: 52 Days in New Zealand

“It’s definitely not the experience I was expecting but I think I learned just as much, if not more than I would have, if I had spent the whole semester there.” In this post, Honors Student Tyler Voas tells us about her 52 days studying abroad in New Zealand – before the pandemic-induced restrictions sentContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: 52 Days in New Zealand”

Experience Study Abroad: Torino, Italy

Despite a pandemic-induced early return, Taryn Lawler traveled wide and far during her time abroad and shares her transformative experiences through self-discovery. Keep reading to learn how Taryn expanded her boundaries and had incredible adventures in Europe! For the Spring 2020 semester, I had the opportunity and privilege to study abroad in Torino (Turin), Italy.Continue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Torino, Italy”

Experience Study Abroad: A shortened yet transformative experience in Europe

Although his study abroad experience was cut short due to the pandemic, Patrick Hennelly spent a few transformative weeks in Europe, where he pushed himself out of his comfort zone, and realized that world changes fast, and one needs to be prepared to take action at any point.

Experience Study Abroad: A Shortened Year in Rome

Just a few weeks into my freshman year, following a particularly exciting Latin class, I decided I was going to spend my entire sophomore year abroad in Rome studying Classics and Archaeology. I discussed the idea with my parents that weekend and, less than a week after the idea came to me, I was inContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: A Shortened Year in Rome”