Discover Internships: UIHC Heart and Vascular Clinic

“I am so excited for the skilled I learned in the clinic to be present in my future in the medical field.” Check out Christina’s narrative on her time interning for UIHC’s Heart and Vascular Clinic! This past semester, I was lucky enough to be involved in an internship that took place in The UniversityContinue reading “Discover Internships: UIHC Heart and Vascular Clinic”

Discover Internships: Anthropological Research Assistant

“I appreciated the difficulty in finding information and accepting that there may never have been an event to begin with.” Check out Kristin Vogel’s narrative on her time as a research assistant investigating a possible concert that took place in Iowa City in 1978 with John Cage, the 20th century avant-garde American composer! After returningContinue reading “Discover Internships: Anthropological Research Assistant”

Discover Internships: KPMG Accounting

“I had no idea that the most meaningful part of my internship experience would be the tasks I was assigned and the connections I formed with the people I met.” Check out Emily Kaczynski’s reflection on how her intern as a student turned into a full-time job! For a business student, an internship is theContinue reading “Discover Internships: KPMG Accounting”

Discover Internships: Hawk the Vote

“I use the skills I learned in that civic engage course in almost every Hawk the Vote meeting and at our various campus events.” Check out Alexis Carfrae’s narrative on her time as Associate Director of Hawk the Vote! Last semester I started a position as the Associate Director of Hawk the Vote. This isContinue reading “Discover Internships: Hawk the Vote”

Discover Internships: Cancer Genetics Research

What do computers, the small intestine, and thousands of acronyms have in common? Check out Floyd L. Evans, Jr.’s narrative on his time with the Dabro lab to find out! What do computers, the small intestine, and thousands of acronyms have in common? The answer: they are all crucial elements of my Experiential Learning ExperienceContinue reading “Discover Internships: Cancer Genetics Research”

Discover Internships: Center for Worker Justice

“I look forward to utilizing everything I learned in this position about service and advocacy in my future work with non-profits and the law.” Check out Shaffer’s narrative on her time as an intern for the Center for Worker Justice right here in Iowa City! In the state of Iowa, there exists a group especiallyContinue reading “Discover Internships: Center for Worker Justice”

Discover Internships: Life Design Peer Mentor

Sometimes students struggle with the first step of experiential learning or becoming more involved on campus. This was the case for Tyler – read below to learn about how she decided to take the leap of faith, and how it turned into an experience that would impact her for the rest of her time atContinue reading “Discover Internships: Life Design Peer Mentor”

Discover Internships: Alpha Kappa Psi President

This past year, I served as the President of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity (AKPsi). Throughout the course of my leadership experience, I learned a great deal about my leadership style and myself as a person. I was able to foster personal and professional growth while also building lasting connections with members of AKPsi,Continue reading “Discover Internships: Alpha Kappa Psi President”

Discover Internships: Respite Care

“Through my four years at the University, I have worked as a respite in Cedar Rapids, taking care of a young girl with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. It didn’t take long to realize how this job was benefitting me far beyond simply making some money and getting health care experience.” Read below to learn about Anna’sContinue reading “Discover Internships: Respite Care”

Discover Internships: AFROTC Leadership Laboratory

“I had to switch from the mentality that we are competing against each other, to a mentality that we are all one team working toward the same goal.” Air Force ROTC each semester has a 1 S.H. class known as a Leadership Laboratory. It is an intensive 2 part program with a summer training thatContinue reading “Discover Internships: AFROTC Leadership Laboratory”