Experience Study Abroad: Santiago, Chile

It’s no secret that being in a new place can feel uncomfortable at first, but as Charlotte Lenkaitis learned, letting go of fear and opening yourself to new experiences will get you far. Read about her classroom mishaps, climbing adventures, and the family she found in Santiago.  Embracing the Uncomfortable  On February 19th, 2019 atContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Santiago, Chile”

Experience Study Abroad: Edinburgh, Scotland

Taking inspiration from author Joe Brainard, Caroline Meek details what it was like to study abroad in Scotland— in both its short flashes and lingering moments.  See what it meant for her to experience life a little differently.  They told me that when I was abroad, life back home would keep moving. That when IContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Edinburgh, Scotland”

Discover Study Abroad: Barcelona, Spain

If you’re planning a visit to Spain, look no further than Lyndi Kiple’s Chem Conservator for expert travel advice. Find information about Barcelona’s history, culture, and best museums as well as personal anecdotes from Kiple’s experiences abroad. Also check out the Internships, Research, and Projects tabs to get the full effect of her remarkable dedicationContinue reading “Discover Study Abroad: Barcelona, Spain”

Discover Study Abroad: Athens, Greece

Is that the Acropolis I see? Join Lauren Arzbaecher as she traverses time and pits the bygone against the brand-new in Athens, Greece.   When I signed up to go abroad, I was hoping to push my conception of Greece past Mamma Mia and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So much of what I knowContinue reading “Discover Study Abroad: Athens, Greece”

Discover Study Abroad: Winter in London

Do you feel that itch, that fever, when you see photos of faraway places? Do you get that sudden urge to visit the study abroad office and book your next trip to a universidad or universität or maybe even a uniwersytet? If not, maybe this piece by Jiyun Chong chronicling her experience with the TippieContinue reading “Discover Study Abroad: Winter in London”

Onae Parker: Understanding Self Abroad

Study abroad is often a catalyst for self-discovery and, for some, a journey of heritage. It’s a method to explore family roots and ask oneself, What does it mean to belong to a culture? To two or more cultures? Join Onae Parker while she navigates her cultural heritage in Japan and explains how this experienceContinue reading “Onae Parker: Understanding Self Abroad”

Paige Howard: Up for the Challenge

I strongly believe you don’t grow as a person when you’re comfortable. And before studying abroad, that’s exactly what I was: comfortable. I had a set routine of going to classes, getting a workout in, and going to work. I worked two part-time jobs at the same time, so I stayed pretty busy. Days wereContinue reading “Paige Howard: Up for the Challenge”

Experience Study Abroad: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

When many of us think about what a study abroad experience might look like, we mostly anticipate learning a lot about the singular culture that we are immersed in based on where we will be studying. But, what if you were able to learn about and immerse yourself in a bunch of different cultures whileContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Palma de Mallorca, Spain”

Experience Study Abroad: Lancaster, England

Whether you come from near or far, college is definitely a time to grow as an individual, and discover many things, including things about yourself.  However, sometimes we may feel that attending college close to home doesn’t allow us the full experience of self discovery, mostly because we are still familiar with our surroundings, despiteContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Lancaster, England”

Experience Study Abroad: Linguistic Immersion

Everyone has different reasons for studying abroad. For some, it’s a way to experience a brand new culture. For others, it’s a way to dive into their field of study in a new environment. And for others yet, it’s a way to connect with your roots. Follow along as Alejandra Flores recounts her cultural andContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Linguistic Immersion”