Experience Study Abroad: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

When many of us think about what a study abroad experience might look like, we mostly anticipate learning a lot about the singular culture that we are immersed in based on where we will be studying. But, what if you were able to learn about and immerse yourself in a bunch of different cultures whileContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Palma de Mallorca, Spain”

Experience Study Abroad: Lancaster, England

Whether you come from near or far, college is definitely a time to grow as an individual, and discover many things, including things about yourself.  However, sometimes we may feel that attending college close to home doesn’t allow us the full experience of self discovery, mostly because we are still familiar with our surroundings, despiteContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Lancaster, England”

Experience Study Abroad: Linguistic Immersion

Everyone has different reasons for studying abroad. For some, it’s a way to experience a brand new culture. For others, it’s a way to dive into their field of study in a new environment. And for others yet, it’s a way to connect with your roots. Follow along as Alejandra Flores recounts her cultural andContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Linguistic Immersion”

Experience Internships: A Month in Jamaica

Two of the many options that Honors students have to fulfill the experiential learning component of University Honors are studying abroad and completing an internship. But imagine if you could do both at the same time! You could have an internship in a country that is halfway across the world, and not only gain valuableContinue reading “Experience Internships: A Month in Jamaica”

Experience Study Abroad: Chronological Memory*

As we near the end of the semester, and thus the year, we wanted to share Honors Student, Amanda Allard’s, 11 month experience in France. A cultural immersion of this length allows you to really embrace the culture, and hearing her eloquent recap of her time abroad in a chronological order is enough to makeContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Chronological Memory*”

Experience Study Abroad: Pau, France

There’s nothing like being alone in a new country to force you to step out of your comfort zone. While navigating a new city may seem daunting at first, it forces you to be independent and self-reliant. Through this process, you can also discover a lot about yourself, and grow as both a thinker and asContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: Pau, France”

Experience Internships: Where Teaching and Learning Collide

We often expect internships to take us to new places professionally and mentally, and sometimes they even take us to new physical places. But when you hear that your friend has a summer internship in a different city, you assume that they mean within the United States. How surprised would you be to find outContinue reading “Experience Internships: Where Teaching and Learning Collide”

Experience Study Abroad: I Can Hear the Bagpipes

Studying abroad is an experience unlike anything else; just ask any student who has done it. It is one of those things that can be scary and intimidating, but it is also something that you can basically only do while at college. Since hearing different people’s accounts can help give you the courage to tryContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: I Can Hear the Bagpipes”

Experience Study Abroad: India Winterim

Just as we have been sharing with you the experiential learning journeys of students who have completed internships, we want to share with you the amazing study abroad programs that our Honors students have participated in. Here is a look at Honors student Jordan Hansen’s experience in the 2017 India Winterim program that is offeredContinue reading “Experience Study Abroad: India Winterim”

Dear Honors: How to Earn Honors Credit for Being a World Traveler (aka Studying Abroad)

Study abroad sounds so interesting! I could travel the world while learning about something I love and absorb another culture–maybe even learn a language. But… it’s not quite that simple, is it? Let’s see what Marina has in store for you all this morning. Demystifying the Study Abroad Experience If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard aboutContinue reading “Dear Honors: How to Earn Honors Credit for Being a World Traveler (aka Studying Abroad)”