2022 International Grant Awardees

Congratulations to our fantastic honors students who were recently awarded various international travel grants! Ten honors students have been selected as Fulbright awardees, Study Abroad Diversity Ambassadors, or Gilman awardees. Read below to find out more!

The Fulbright Program is designed to increase understanding between the people of the U.S. and other countries by providing participants the opportunity to study, teach, conduct research. This year’s honors Fulbright winners are Isabelle Davis, Sarah Nunez, Andrea Childs, and Anna Correa!

Click HERE to find out more.

The Gilman Scholarship provides awardees the opportunity to gain a better understanding of other cultures, countries, languages, and economies — making them better prepared to assume leadership roles within government and the private sector. This year’s honors Gilman winners are Toby Hollis and Leona Odole!

Click HERE to find out more.

The Diversity Ambassador Scholarship program supports the diversification of students who study abroad by providing awards to students from diverse backgrounds and identities, many of whom are traditionally underrepresented on study abroad programs. This year’s honors ambassadors are Abby Fowler, Sam LaMantia, Sushma Santhana, and Maya Torrez!

Click HERE to find out more.

Edited by: Abbey Jordahl, Honors Admin


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