Dear Honors: Decoding MyUI (and all of its many functions)

If you love online repositories, university websites, electronic audits, data analysis, and progress tracking, raise your hand. *Crickets.* While I’m sure some of you are jumping for joy (we know our Assessment Director, Emily, definitely is), these subjects may seem daunting and overwhelming for many people. So, yet again, Marina is here to help. MyUIContinue reading “Dear Honors: Decoding MyUI (and all of its many functions)”

Experience Internships: Her Campus Media

As part of the Honors Program’s new process of tracking all of your amazing experiential learning journeys, we are excited to share many of the responses to our students’ pre- and post- experience questionnaires on this blog. A few have already been featured, but I’m pleased to share yet another life-changing internship story, as told byContinue reading “Experience Internships: Her Campus Media”

Dear Honors: How to Earn Honors Credit for Being a World Traveler (aka Studying Abroad)

Study abroad sounds so interesting! I could travel the world while learning about something I love and absorb another culture–maybe even learn a language. But… it’s not quite that simple, is it? Let’s see what Marina has in store for you all this morning. Demystifying the Study Abroad Experience If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard aboutContinue reading “Dear Honors: How to Earn Honors Credit for Being a World Traveler (aka Studying Abroad)”

Mental Spaces–Cortado

Hello, my beautiful humans of honors! I’m so sorry that my food & bev blogs have been on hiatus. With our social media pages gaining so much traffic (thanks, to you all!) in the last few months, our Outreach Team has been quite busy–but you don’t need my excuses. This blog is back to the basics: coffee shops. That means,Continue reading “Mental Spaces–Cortado”

Aussie Quest: a Student Abroad in Newcastle, Australia

My Aussie Quest One-hundred-and-forty-two days. That’s how long I spent living in Newcastle, Australia. It was more than enough time but not enough. It is difficult to describe how a place came to have such an effect on me in only that time. The people, the landscapes, the weather, the food, and the experiences allContinue reading “Aussie Quest: a Student Abroad in Newcastle, Australia”

“Nothing is Constant Except Change”: an Honors Student Takes on Zhejiang University

“Nothing is Constant Except Change”: Heraclitus knew it all about China The first day I stepped in Hangzhou, four months ago, the G20 summit had completely shut down the city. A couple days after my arrival, without previous notice, policemen blocked the streets surrounding the apartment complex where a friend was hosting me. Having leftContinue reading ““Nothing is Constant Except Change”: an Honors Student Takes on Zhejiang University”

Day in the Life: Iowa City Foreign Relations Council

The Iowa City Foreign Relations Council (ICFRC) seeks to promote understanding of international issues by hosting community forums with expert speakers from around the world. Honors at Iowa sponsors free participation for honors students interested in the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council. Almost weekly, the ICFRC hosts expert discussions of global issues by statesmen, scholars, scientists, journalists, students,Continue reading “Day in the Life: Iowa City Foreign Relations Council”

Experience Internships: A Summer in DC

Internships can be great opportunities to discover what you want to do with your future… and what you don’t want to do. In order to discover if you are on the right track and are truly pursuing what you are passionate about, you are going to have to get redirected in life a few times.Continue reading “Experience Internships: A Summer in DC”

Writing Fellows: an English and Journalism Student’s Shot at Education

Who are the Writing Fellows? Why should you consider it as a means to get involved with the Honors Program or learn more about your own writing and self? If you have any questions about this opportunity, you’ve come to the right place. Alex LeMoine, an Honors Outreach Ambassador and Writing Fellow, majoring in both English andContinue reading “Writing Fellows: an English and Journalism Student’s Shot at Education”

Moving to College: the Kum & Go

Welcome back to Note to Self. As a special treat, we were able to recruit a guest blogger still in her first year of the Honors Program to share her experience with you all. Alex Chasteen, an Orange County Native, majoring in English & Creative Writing, wrote a wonderful creative piece about her first weekContinue reading “Moving to College: the Kum & Go”