From the Desk of the Council: Mallika Huynh

My father does not know how to apologize. Throughout my 19 years of existence, I have only heard a singular “I’m sorry,” occurring after he rear-ended another car for the very first time. Rather, instead of verbally owning up to his actions, his means of apologizing took a more physical form: cooking. Man, he couldContinue reading “From the Desk of the Council: Mallika Huynh”

From the Desk of the Council: Shefa’a Tawil

Rain, but not the type with water.   It’s dust, raining down because the bomb that just struck disintegrated everything.   Dust that is full of life, there’s human ashes in there.   Dust falls into the open eyes of the dead.   Their blood soaks into the Dust penetrated ground, even in death, this world knows their trueContinue reading “From the Desk of the Council: Shefa’a Tawil”

Honorable Graduation

If you’re reading this, then that means it’s the Friday before finals week and you’re totally freaking out. It’s okay, us too. Luckily, due to our extensive knowledge of student stress and sadness, we put together another one of our famous Honors end-of-semester collaboration blogs to put smiles back on your hard working faces. ToContinue reading “Honorable Graduation”

Dear Honors: Hug Your Brain to Keep You Sane

It’s the time of year when it feels like everything is falling apart, even though you need to have it together more than ever. We feel that. We truly do. So as you’re wrapping up your final portfolios, presentations, and papers, try to remember that it’s totally okay to relax… until you’re sitting at dinnerContinue reading “Dear Honors: Hug Your Brain to Keep You Sane”

Experience Internships: Teaching Bio at UI

Because we are a STEM-heavy community at Honors (I mean you all, not artsy me, of course), I think many of you will find this particular piece of great interest. Madeline here took an opportunity to intern in a teaching position for a class that many of you have taken or are currently taking. Let’sContinue reading “Experience Internships: Teaching Bio at UI”

Dear Honors: Decoding MyUI (and all of its many functions)

If you love online repositories, university websites, electronic audits, data analysis, and progress tracking, raise your hand. *Crickets.* While I’m sure some of you are jumping for joy (we know our Assessment Director, Emily, definitely is), these subjects may seem daunting and overwhelming for many people. So, yet again, Marina is here to help. MyUIContinue reading “Dear Honors: Decoding MyUI (and all of its many functions)”

Experience Internships: Social Justice at Iowa

How can your Honors experiences impact your worldview and personality? How far do you have to go to have such an experience? In this blog, Stephanie Domingo takes us through an internship that altered her perspective and gave direction on a new career possibility. And guess what–it happened right here on campus. Hello! My name is StephanieContinue reading “Experience Internships: Social Justice at Iowa”

Dear Honors: Study Hacks & Apps

This post is dedicated to the studious students confused on how to study. Marina has reviewed the most popular study apps that totally beat my steadfast tradition of staring at all of my materials until they magically absorb into my brain… Maybe I should take her advice too. -KK Dear Honors, Even though there areContinue reading “Dear Honors: Study Hacks & Apps”

Mental Spaces–Cortado

Hello, my beautiful humans of honors! I’m so sorry that my food & bev blogs have been on hiatus. With our social media pages gaining so much traffic (thanks, to you all!) in the last few months, our Outreach Team has been quite busy–but you don’t need my excuses. This blog is back to the basics: coffee shops. That means,Continue reading “Mental Spaces–Cortado”

Aussie Quest: a Student Abroad in Newcastle, Australia

My Aussie Quest One-hundred-and-forty-two days. That’s how long I spent living in Newcastle, Australia. It was more than enough time but not enough. It is difficult to describe how a place came to have such an effect on me in only that time. The people, the landscapes, the weather, the food, and the experiences allContinue reading “Aussie Quest: a Student Abroad in Newcastle, Australia”