Experience Internships: Self-Help International

While it might sometimes take us visiting another country for that country and culture to have an impact on us, we don’t necessarily need to travel to other countries to have a positive impact on them. Service learning can certainly happen abroad, where you are able to be on the grounds and physically impact theContinue reading “Experience Internships: Self-Help International”

Experience Internships: Pomerantz Career Center

We all know that the Pomerantz Career Center is a great place to go to get assistance that will assist us in our endeavors to start a career. However, did you know that you might be able to make a career out of working there? In fact, there are numerous ways to find jobs onContinue reading “Experience Internships: Pomerantz Career Center”

Experience Internships: IPI Wealth Management, Inc.

It’s just about that time of year where students are finalizing their summer internship plans. Whether you have an internship already lined up or are currently on the hunt for one, you can read about Clayton Weirather’s experience as an intern for IPI Wealth Management, Inc. to help prepare you for what a summer internship might entailContinue reading “Experience Internships: IPI Wealth Management, Inc.”

Experience Internships: A Month in Jamaica

Two of the many options that Honors students have to fulfill the experiential learning component of University Honors are studying abroad and completing an internship. But imagine if you could do both at the same time! You could have an internship in a country that is halfway across the world, and not only gain valuableContinue reading “Experience Internships: A Month in Jamaica”

Experience Internships: Camp Kennybrook (Not Your Average Summer Camp)

For those of us who frequented summer camps as a kid, those places began to feel like home, even if we only spent a short period of time there each summer. Imagine if this same experience could expand beyond childhood? Honors student, Annette Smith, recounts her internship experience as a nursing assistant at Camp Kennybrook,Continue reading “Experience Internships: Camp Kennybrook (Not Your Average Summer Camp)”

Experience Internships: Where Teaching and Learning Collide

We often expect internships to take us to new places professionally and mentally, and sometimes they even take us to new physical places. But when you hear that your friend has a summer internship in a different city, you assume that they mean within the United States. How surprised would you be to find outContinue reading “Experience Internships: Where Teaching and Learning Collide”

Experience Internships: Her Campus Media

As part of the Honors Program’s new process of tracking all of your amazing experiential learning journeys, we are excited to share many of the responses to our students’ pre- and post- experience questionnaires on this blog. A few have already been featured, but I’m pleased to share yet another life-changing internship story, as told byContinue reading “Experience Internships: Her Campus Media”

Experience Internships: Social Justice at Iowa

How can your Honors experiences impact your worldview and personality? How far do you have to go to have such an experience? In this blog, Stephanie Domingo takes us through an internship that altered her perspective and gave direction on a new career possibility. And guess what–it happened right here on campus. Hello! My name is StephanieContinue reading “Experience Internships: Social Justice at Iowa”