Experience Internships: Her Campus Media

As part of the Honors Program’s new process of tracking all of your amazing experiential learning journeys, we are excited to share many of the responses to our students’ pre- and post- experience questionnaires on this blog. A few have already been featured, but I’m pleased to share yet another life-changing internship story, as told byContinue reading “Experience Internships: Her Campus Media”

Dear Honors: How to Get Involved Without Getting Overwhelmed

This advice column goes out to all of you Honorables who haven’t quite found your niche and need a push in the right direction. My own unrequited advice to preface Marina’s helpful answer? IT IS OKAY TO TURN DOWN AN OFFER. If you get involved in too many things, your efforts in each activity canContinue reading “Dear Honors: How to Get Involved Without Getting Overwhelmed”

Quinn Hejlik: a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Russia

As many of you know, the Honors Program and the various scholarships and fellowships that our Director of Scholar Development works hard to help students attain offer many unique opportunities for students to use what they’ve learned and apply it to their personal lives,  futures, and careers. One of our former students, Quinn Hejlik whoContinue reading “Quinn Hejlik: a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Russia”