Discover Internships: Type II Diabetes Research

A common experience for students looking to pursue a career in the healthcare field is getting involved in undergraduate research! These are great opportunities to expose yourself to the field, as well as learn more about a topic that you find engaging. Read below to learn about Ryan’s experience as an undergraduate research assistant andContinue reading “Discover Internships: Type II Diabetes Research”

Dear Honors: An Honors Contract Experience

Are you interested in an Honors contract but are unsure what the experience may look like? Although each contract experience is different for every individual, Natalie shares what she did to contract her Peacebuilding in a Prison Choir class. Read below to learn about her experience and how she rediscovered her love for creative, independentContinue reading “Dear Honors: An Honors Contract Experience”

Resilience in the Honors Program as a First-Generation Student: It’s All About Resources

As the semester winds down, Katie, an Honors Outreach Ambassador, reflects on how the honors program has benefitted her and how she uses her position to ensure that other students are able to learn about the opportunities that exist for all students! Read below to learn about Katie’s unique experience with Honors and how itContinue reading “Resilience in the Honors Program as a First-Generation Student: It’s All About Resources”

Dear Honors: Mishma Nixon

Check out Mishma’s reflection on her time with Honors! The program has been beyond lucky to have her as an admin and peer mentor, and we are all cheering for her on the next venture. When I first started college, I had no idea what being an Honors student meant. As an international and first-generationContinue reading “Dear Honors: Mishma Nixon”

Discover Internships: On Iowa! Leader

Each year, a group of students are trained to welcome our incoming class at the University of Iowa! This opportunity provides students with the chance to connect with both new and current students, as well as expand on their leadership skills! Read below to learn more about Courtney’s experience as an On Iowa! Leader, andContinue reading “Discover Internships: On Iowa! Leader”

Experience Undergraduate Research: Non-STEM Research

“Experiential learning, especially research within any discipline, not only gives one the ability to grow as a scholar in their field, but also provides important personal insights, including how one works best and how to work with others in a collaborative setting.” There is often a misconception that research is reserved for STEM majors. ReadContinue reading “Experience Undergraduate Research: Non-STEM Research”

Experience Undergraduate Research: Finding Virtual Opportunities

My name is Abby Biddle, and I am now a junior at the University of Iowa. I am majoring in Neuroscience and am very dedicated to working with children and adolescents. I am now a part of the ADHD and Development Lab. After undergraduate school here in Iowa, I plan to continue my education inContinue reading “Experience Undergraduate Research: Finding Virtual Opportunities”

Experience Service Learning: Finding Opportunities in Your Hometown

My name is Britney Clingan, and I am a senior at the University of Iowa. On a personal level, I am an avid animal lover, an empath at the deepest level, and a driven worker who wishes to make an impact on a community that has not only gone through so much in the lastContinue reading “Experience Service Learning: Finding Opportunities in Your Hometown”

Looking Back on Primetime

Wondering what all the excitement around Primetime is about? Beyond earning Honors credit, it is a great opportunity to get familiar with campus, a college classroom setting, and you may even meet your new best friends! Read Abbey’s reflection on how her experiences at Primetime were pivotal to her time so far at Iowa, evenContinue reading “Looking Back on Primetime”

A Reflection of Primetime

Curious to hear about Primetime from a student perspective? Read Delaney’s narrative on reflecting back to her Primetime experience during her freshman year – you will discover what she did, who she met, and what she was able to learn that is still applicable as she enters her senior year at Iowa! … Participating inContinue reading “A Reflection of Primetime”