Discover Internships: Certified Medial Aide

Sometimes our most memorable experiences are the ones we’ve done the longest! The great thing about experiential learning is that you can participate in an experience for several semesters, giving you the opportunity to grow within your role and as a leader. Read below to learn more about Jaeden’s multi-semester experience as a Certified MedicalContinue reading “Discover Internships: Certified Medial Aide”

Discover Internships: Veterinary Technician

“My time at the clinic confirmed that I have a love for veterinary medicine and the day-to-day activities it brings, reaffirming me that I am pursuing a career that I will deeply enjoy.” Check out Elly’s story to learn more about her time as a veterinary technician! I had an incredible experience interning and eventuallyContinue reading “Discover Internships: Veterinary Technician”

Discover Internships: UIHC Library Assistant

During her undergraduate years, Logan was unsure of the post-graduate path she wanted to follow. After pursuing an interdepartmental studies major (health sciences track) and a minor in business administration, it was possible to fulfill the requirements for many graduate programs. Her studies and experiences made it difficult for her to even choose between businessContinue reading “Discover Internships: UIHC Library Assistant”

Discover Internships: Pediatric Dental Assistant

Throughout the Summer of 2021, Rachel was able to gain hands-on dental experience by working as a Pediatric Dental Assistant at Des Moines Children’s Dentistry. Read below to learn how she developed ways to communicate in a clear, concise, and non-threatening way which she believes will be incredibly beneficial in her career – all whileContinue reading “Discover Internships: Pediatric Dental Assistant”

Discover Internships: Resident Assistant

One great way to earn experiential learning credit and to get involved on campus is to become a resident assistant (RA). These individuals are able to expand their network and truly help shape the experiences of UI students. Read below to learn about Dominic’s experience as an RA in Slater and how he grew fromContinue reading “Discover Internships: Resident Assistant”

Discover Undergraduate Research: UIHC Anesthesia Department

Have you ever thought about the possibility of getting published as an undergraduate? Check out Logan’s reflection on his time as a UIHC research intern in anesthesia! My name is Logan Olson, and I was a research intern in the Anesthesia department at the University of Iowa Hospitals and clinics, working with the Anesthesia InnovativeContinue reading “Discover Undergraduate Research: UIHC Anesthesia Department”

Discover Internships: Chemistry Learning Assistant

“By stepping out of my comfort zone on one January morning, I was able to start a journey that would lead me to new skills, connections, and satisfaction.” Check out Sam Eliasen’s reflection on his time as a learning assistant for Principles of Chemistry I below! Over the course of the spring 2021 semester, IContinue reading “Discover Internships: Chemistry Learning Assistant”

Discover Internships: Microbiome Research

Discover Internships: Microbiome Research “The honors program not only encouraged me to excel academically, but it has helped me pursue my never-ending interest in serving my community.” Check out Asel Nasr’s reflection on how community involvement and research has led her to pursue a dual MD/PHD degree! Being one of the first members of myContinue reading “Discover Internships: Microbiome Research”

Discover Internships: Forestry & Field Work

One unique way to engage in experiential learning is to get involved over summer (or winter) breaks! A perk of this is being able to focus solely on your experiences and getting a head start before a fall/spring semester begins. If this is something you are interested in, read below to discover Mizuki’s experience withContinue reading “Discover Internships: Forestry & Field Work”

Discover Internships: UIHC Student Clerk

Many people are eager to begin engaging in in-person experiences now that COVID-19 restrictions have slightly lifted. Read below to learn about Madisyn’s internship with University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics – she discusses what this looks like post-COVID and how she was able to explore different sides of healthcare she had not yet seenContinue reading “Discover Internships: UIHC Student Clerk”