Mental Spaces — Nodo

Greetings Honorables! We all know how exciting food can be, so you can imagine how pumped I was to start up this series. It was difficult to choose where to begin, but eventually I knew exactly what to showcase as the debut location. Without further ado, our first Mental Space is one of my favorite downtownContinue reading “Mental Spaces — Nodo”

Note to Self—Find a Mental Space

To Do This Week: Note to self—remember to set up a meeting with Donna about our research project. She might also like that David Bowie article you read. Note to self—email Jessica to let her know you have the meeting minutes from last Tuesday. Note to self—turn in your paper by midnight tonight. That dueContinue reading “Note to Self—Find a Mental Space”

Day in the Life: Laura Wang, Student Admin Assistant

In our first series, A Day in the Life of an Honors Staff Member, our professional and student staff will walk you through a typical day working in the Blank Honors Center. 11:00 am | I take a seat behind the front desk of the fourth floor of the BHC, where the Honors at IowaContinue reading “Day in the Life: Laura Wang, Student Admin Assistant”