Freshman Survival Guide: Five Easy Lessons to Get You Started

First years, this way! It’s the first week of classes, Honorables! If finding your textbooks and figuring out where all of your worldly possessions are going to go (in a room just a tad larger than Harry’s cupboard under the stairs) isn’t stressful enough, you are about to embark on your first year of college. It’s wonderful; it’sContinue reading “Freshman Survival Guide: Five Easy Lessons to Get You Started”

Hosting Primetime

Honors Primetime is a 3.5 day workshop for incoming first-year honors students at the University of Iowa. Workshops of about twenty students engage in hands-on learning on a topic of their choosing with hand-selected University of Iowa faculty and staff. Students have the opportunity to get to know other honors students, connect with honors staff and faculty, and be exposed toContinue reading “Hosting Primetime”

Day in the Life: At the BHC through an Admin’s Snapchats

As members of the Honors at Iowa community, many of you have probably made trips to the BHC, but what do you think a day actually looks like for the staff members? We have blogs from specific members of our staff, but I’m about to take you through a snapstory adventure that provides a moreContinue reading “Day in the Life: At the BHC through an Admin’s Snapchats”

Mental Spaces–High Ground Café

(Branding photo credit: High Ground Café) The spring semester is over, but don’t fret honors comrades! I’m still on campus to deliver the best food-related blogs fit for your needs. The Mental Spaces blog series is kicking off this summer at High Ground Café, the best spot in the Northside Marketplace to grab coffee onContinue reading “Mental Spaces–High Ground Café”

Day in the Life: Lance Heady, ICRU Fellow

Undergraduate research is one of the great opportunities available to students at the University of Iowa, as we are a research one university, and student involvement in the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates is a great way to learn experientially and also earn honors credit. One of the most involved researchers here is a member ofContinue reading “Day in the Life: Lance Heady, ICRU Fellow”

Day in the Life: Emily Johnson, Honors Assessment Director

You’ve previously seen a few blogs from members of our Honors Student Staff, but with our first summer Note to Self, we’re going to give you a perspective from one of our newest Honors Professional Staff members, Emily Johnson. We’re all keeping busy here at Honors at Iowa over the summer, but Emily gave usContinue reading “Day in the Life: Emily Johnson, Honors Assessment Director”

Mental Spaces – Z’mariks

Greetings, Honorables! It gives me great pleasure to announce that my featured Mental Space for this week is Z’mariks Noodle Café. (Branding photo credit: Z’mariks Noodle Café) On top of being the coolest people to end words in the letter “z” since I frequented the phrase “kewl beanz” on AIM, Z’mariks has served delicious noodle bowlzContinue reading “Mental Spaces – Z’mariks”

Day in the Life: Molly Georgia, Student Staff Programmer

10:00 am | The elevator doors open, and I cross the BHC fourth floor lobby to retrieve keys from the staff work room. These keys unlock the ITC, library, storage room, and just about every other door of the student center on the third floor. Today, I am the one in charge of these tasks,Continue reading “Day in the Life: Molly Georgia, Student Staff Programmer”

Mental Spaces — Nodo

Greetings Honorables! We all know how exciting food can be, so you can imagine how pumped I was to start up this series. It was difficult to choose where to begin, but eventually I knew exactly what to showcase as the debut location. Without further ado, our first Mental Space is one of my favorite downtownContinue reading “Mental Spaces — Nodo”

Note to Self—Find a Mental Space

To Do This Week: Note to self—remember to set up a meeting with Donna about our research project. She might also like that David Bowie article you read. Note to self—email Jessica to let her know you have the meeting minutes from last Tuesday. Note to self—turn in your paper by midnight tonight. That dueContinue reading “Note to Self—Find a Mental Space”