Experience Internships: Pomerantz Career Center

We all know that the Pomerantz Career Center is a great place to go to get assistance that will assist us in our endeavors to start a career. However, did you know that you might be able to make a career out of working there? In fact, there are numerous ways to find jobs on campus, using the Career Center’s very own platform, HireAHawk. Read about Rachel Burnett’s experience interning as a Career Peer Advisor in the Pomerantz Career Center to see what an internship through the University might look like. 

This year, I have interned with The University of Iowa in the Pomerantz Career Center, as a Career Peer Advisor. I was selected to be on a team of 9 Career Peer Advisors and trained to provide professional development services to my University of Iowa peers. Our team works at the Pomerantz Career Center Monday through Friday from 10am-3pm, to provide walk-in services for students looking for assistance with their resumes, cover letters, job or graduate school applications, or general help in looking for a job and gaining confidence in the job search process. Outside of our regular hours, we review and edit the resumes students submit to the University’s job search engine, HireAHawk. We also staff University events such as networking nights and the Job and Internship Fair, as well as give presentations to student organizations and classes who request programs.


Pictured: Career Peer Advisors in the Pomerantz Career Center.

Top row – left to right: Brianne Holtkamp, Jackie Yelenovsky, Molly Hovden, Caden Crandall, Elizabeth Brettnacher, Brooke Batha, Daniel Rocco. Bottom row – left to right: Rachel Burnett, Marcus Smith, and Faviola Santana

The greatest thing I’ve gained from this internship has been my own professional development. Holding a position that has the overall objective of helping others reach their professional goals has helped me reach my own, because by building others’ confidences, I’ve been able to build my own. I learned how to present myself professionally through documents like resumes and cover letters, and seen the job search from both sides of the process. Working in a career center helped connect me with employers, and also taught me the right way to go about applying for a job of my own.

Similarly, giving presentations around campus has helped to shape my public speaking skills – and the more I present on a topic, the more I learn about that topic, and the more confidence I gain in that area. I get to travel all around campus and speak with groups of all different backgrounds and areas of study, hearing from them and helping them help themselves. What I love about this position is that the main premise of it is inspiring my peers to help themselves – through representing themselves in professional documents, online on LinkedIn, in person through career fair and networking events, and more. The things I’ve learned and help teach others are subjective, and I always get to gain another perspective every time I hear from a different student or company that comes into the Pomerantz Career Center.


Pictured: Career Peer Advisors Faviola Santana, Elizabeth Brettnacher, Rachel Burnett, Brooke Batha, and Professional Career Advisor Sarah Crawford, at The University of Iowa’s Spring Job and Internship Fair of 2018.

Looking back at where I was 4 years ago – coming to The University of Iowa as a business student with no idea what I wanted to study or do after graduation, I realize how far I’ve come. I found a major I’m passionate about, a newfound confidence in myself and my own skills, and a full-time position at an amazing company for when I graduate. Every step along my college path has helped me get here – and had I not applied for this internship, I’m not sure where I would be today. It introduced me to some of my closest friends in the Career Center, and gave me the confidence to apply for a plethora of careers I had never even considered myself qualified for before – and ultimately assisted me in landing a full-time position with my dream company in downtown Chicago. It helped me become the person I am today, and even helped shape my future in a way I never could have foreseen!

R Burnett LinkedIn_Photo

Written by: Rachel Burnett, Honors Student

My name is Rachel Burnett, and I’m a senior at The University of Iowa from Buffalo Grove, IL. I plan to graduate this May with a degree in Business Analytics and Information Systems and a minor in Spanish. As a spring graduate, I’ve already accepted a full-time position with Ernst & Young in Chicago and although I’m looking forward to moving back to Illinois, I’m missing Iowa already!

Edited by: Chloe Sekhran, Blog Manager

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