Giving Thanks Before Thanksgiving

Oh, November. You certainly don’t get enough credit for the wonderful things that you bring us. Between midterms, presentations, and sleep deprivation, college students tend to overlook most of your days in anticipation for the first real time we get to go home during the semester: Thanksgiving Break. So while you give us a lot to look forward to, most of us spend the majority of your days wishing that time would fly by. And I bet that makes you feel pretty undervalued. So I just want to say:


Thank you, November, for providing us with the light at the end of the tunnel (and light during the day because of daylight savings time).

What you may not know about November is that the 4th Thursday of the month isn’t the only time we can give thanks. Actually, November is National Gratitude Month! This means that while you should probably say thank you during the other months, November is the perfect time to give thanks for all of the little things in life that often get overlooked. In the midst of our busy lives, there are a lot of things that we often take for granted. This is a habit that we should make ourselves more aware of. So to help you all get in the habit of saying “thanks” a little more often, I’m here to express some gratitude of my own. *cue thank you note music*


Thank you, Starbucks barista, for helping me get through the day, no matter how little sleep I got the night before.

Thank you, Spotify, for letting me create the perfect playlist for every occasion, from studying for an exam to working out at the gym.

Thank you, Mom, for assuring me that I won’t fail my classes (and for always being right).

Thank you, Iowa Fraternity and Sorority Life, for providing me with the opportunity to be a member of the Greek community.

Thank you, Amazon Prime, for allowing me to order anything that I might possibly need, and for getting it to me in two days.

Thank you, Hawkeye Football, for making weekends extra exciting, especially when you beat teams like Ohio State.

Thank you, Gumby’s Pizza, for pokey stix (simple as that).

Thank you, professors in the Tippie College of Business, for preparing me to enter the professional world as a well-rounded businesswoman.

Thank you, drivers who stop for pedestrians at the crosswalks on Jefferson and Market Street, for making it easier for me to run between classes in less than ten minutes.

Thank you, members of the Sigma chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, for letting me serve as your Chapter President for the past year.

Thank you, Herky, for being the best mascot in the Big Ten.

Thank you, Hancher Auditorium, for bringing acts like Leslie Odom Jr. and New York City Ballet MOVES to Iowa City, and for allowing me to perform on the same stage for Dance Gala 2017.

Thank you, Iowa City, for giving me a home away from home when I’m five hours away from Minnesota.

Thank you, University of Iowa Honors Program, for providing me with a platform to give thanks, and providing me with the opportunity to grow as a student and individual.

There’s so much to be thankful for in our lives, and expressing gratitude comes in many forms. It might be bringing your roommate a cup of coffee. It might be calling your parents just to tell them how much you appreciate their support. It might even be writing weekly thank you notes like Jimmy Fallon. Whatever giving thanks means to you, just remember that November is National Gratitude Month. And if you want to express thanks on a bigger platform, we encourage you to give an online shout out using the hashtag #ThankfulTuesday and tagging the Honors at Iowa social media account so we can share your submissions. I almost forgot one more thank you:

Thank you, Letter to Self reader, for reading my personal thank yous.


Written by: Chloe Sekhran, Honors Student Admin and Blog Manager



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