Honorable Graduation

If you’re reading this, then that means it’s the Friday before finals week and you’re totally freaking out. It’s okay, us too. Luckily, due to our extensive knowledge of student stress and sadness, we put together another one of our famous Honors end-of-semester collaboration blogs to put smiles back on your hard working faces. To our graduating seniors, congratulations, and to our desperately striving underclass people, keep it together.

In lieu of the adorable holiday photos from the last finals blog, we’ve rounded up some amazing photos of the honors staff at their own graduations. Enjoy!

andy grad

First things first, can we take a minute to appreciate the facial hair? Amazing.

Andy Willard, Experiential Learning Director | Anthropology BA, Stanford 1975

art grad

Art Spisak, Director | Classical Studies Ph.D., Loyola

“…that’s me clutching the speech I gave in a hot muggy gym.” Oh trust me, we’ve been there. And I’m sure all you graduates are looking forward to next weekend!

Emily Johnson, Assessment Director | L: High School Graduation, East Moline 2004, R: with her sorority sisters at Augustana College, Sociology & French BA (minor in Spanish) 2008

Wolfie and Donna

“Wolfie hung out with me as I was researching and writing my doctoral thesis. We all get submerged in our research, and he reminded me of the importance to take breaks and play.” We love this photo! And this is a sage piece of advice. Take time to play with your furry friends… or other humans, whatever your preference.

Donna Parsons, Honors Lecturer | Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Music & Literature, University of Iowa

Can we borrow your jumper, Jess?

Jessica Waldschmidt, Program Coordinator & Communications Specialist | L: High School Graduation, 2005, R: an elementary school grad photo from the early ’90s

Kelly Thornburg, Director of Scholar Development | L: High School Graduation, 1995, R: Women’s Studies & Politics BA, Cornell College 1999

Commendation Ceremony 2016 008

Bob Kirby, Associate Director of Honors / Director of ICRU | Speaking at Honors Commendation, 2016

I hope you found these photos as enjoyable as I did. As I mentioned, we’re all rooting for you. Good luck on your finals, and–for those of you leaving us–good luck with your post-graduation plans! -KK

Edited By: Katie Kiesewetter, Blog Manager







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