Mental Spaces–Pullman Bar & Diner

Greetings Honorables. My deepest apologies for making you wait for so long to read about food, fun, and honors life. This semester has been a bit crazy: I am in the midst of designing album packaging, stickers, flyers, and zines for my classes, student organizations, Honors (of course), and personal use. The stark absence of last year’s blog partner, Laura Wang, is taking its toll in these troubling times, but we have to forgive her because she’s changing the world on her beautiful Fulbright adventure in Taiwan. BUT–never fear! I’ve recruited a few new writers to our team, so you can expect to see blog posts a bit more frequently this semester. For now? On to the food!


Eat where? Pullman Bar & Diner. This urban-ish stylized (you know the type) restaurant is up on quite a few design trends that have become popular since the early 2000s, i.e. brick walls, painted glass, acrylic murals, semi-visible kitchen, metallic french presses, glass water bottles for each table, a diner bar, and strategic use of bright red and turquoise (someone’s designer had their Pantone swatches ready to go! mad props). This makes it a comfortable, casual atmosphere to meet up with your friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even après.

The first time I visited, I had a fun summertime dinner with a group of Honors Program colleagues to send our lovely Lindsay off properly before her wedding day. A few of the ladies ordered Pullman’s famous fried chicken, which came with adorable little jars of local honey for the purposes of smothering biscuits in delicious, sticky gold. I was a bit jealous of the biscuits, but fun pescatarian me got the open faced tuna tartine (yes, I dropped the full veggie life over the summer after a shaky four year commitment… because restaurant life and poor college person starvation). Anyway! The tuna was the best. thing. ever. Pics to come in a minute. I loved this dish because I love raw tuna. On sushi, in sandwiches, in pasta, it’s always amazing. This was probably the best tuna dish I’ve had ever since Northside Bistro got rid of the seared tuna pasta, which I still dream about and melodramatically weep over. It’s fine. I’m fine.


Pictured L-R:, Honors lady crew: Jessica, Kelcie, Marina, myself, and Lindsay (hey, girl) Also, just because you’re in honors (or have a master’s degree) does not mean you have to be good at taking selfies. We do what we can. Your thumb is cute anyway, Lindsay.

To capitalize on the most important part of our dinner of genius femmes: the only proper way to casually celebrate prenuptial life is to order two desserts after dinner and have tea, obviously. After much encouragement–there may have been wide-eyed gasps of approval from Lindsay and myself–that’s exactly what we did. Pullman serves Rishi Organic Tea, of which I am a huge fan, and our server gave it to me in a neat loose leaf press with honey and extra hot water. Score. I definitely needed that Earl Grey boost because I had to go to my astronomy lab right after dinner at 8:30PM. Summer was rough, y’all.

As for dessert, the shugga pie was exactly what it promised, sugary pie. Yet, to our pleasant surprise it featured some crumbled Froot Loops on top. I had not eaten a sugary breakfast cereal in a long range of months to years, so it was pretty much THE bomb. We also ordered the bananas foster bread pudding (porque no los dos?).


The bananas foster was my favorite of the two. I definitely ate more than my fair share. I’m terrible for not getting pictures of either of them, but I was so set on devouring every bite that I forgot. Whoops. I guess that means you have an excuse to try them yourselves!

Pullman has a cute little patio for outdoor seating with a few flowers ready to photobomb your pictures, as you saw in the previous photo. Also, it is quite close to many of my favorite quick stops between classes, Z’markis, Prairie Lights, and Nodo, of course. All the good student lunch spots are on Dubuque & Iowa, I swear. And because of this convenient location, I returned between classes with my bestie / roomie  / partner to have lunch and see what Pullman was like inside.

So Nate & Kate were released from Film Studies & Graphic Design IV on the first Monday of school and went to brightly lit Pullman to discuss the beginnings of the semester. #SyllabusWeek #TrèsStressée #HairOnPointAsAlwaysNate #SassyCandid

I ordered the tuna again because it was so good the first time, and he followed suit. Let’s sit and appreciate this majestic and delicious sea creature on bread in the photo below. We also got fries because I have a problem with eating unhealthy potato products at all times, but look at the semi-cute view my fry picture offers!

My photography skills still need bit of work, but I think we can all agree I do better than some of the disgusting photos people post on Yelp. “We are Yelpers! Treat us specially. Also my food is cold now because I took six hours to take a proper photo of it and it still looks like congealed gravy due to my poor angle and lighting even though this was a great dessert.” Stoppppppp.

My final honorable mention (puns, puns, puns) goes out to the typography on Pullman’s menus. Oftentimes I LOATHE menus entirely because they’re visually disorganized or use too many colors and typefaces. And heaven forbid there is even a HINT of Comic Sans or Brush Script at ALL. At this moment, I am going to shamelessly plug my student org, [UI Students in Design! We help local businesses with their logos, branding, marketing… anything graphic design related. Seriously email us, tell your friends about us, and save your business from the threat of bad design:] Org promotion aside, Pullman obvi did not need our help. The menu is a pretty good blend of serifs, sans serifs, and trace amounts of scripty subheadings in a clean, black and white layout. There are no obnoxious pictures, but a tasteful ribbon pictogram and teensy little stars add some nice flair. Good. Job. Team.

tim gunn.gif

Once again, here is your link:

and the

Basic Rundown:
Style- Casual
Food- Breakfast / Brunch, Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Meaty Entrées
Pricing- Depends on what you get, but it’s relatively inexpensive.
Location- Downtown
Accommodations- Patio / Good Lighting / Good Sized Tables Inside (if you’re working) / Comfy Bench Seating
Ideal Mental Space for- Lunches With Friends, Solo Work


Check it out and do the thing.

by Katie Kiesewetter, Junior

Areas of Study: English; Studio Art (Graphic Design); Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Farmington, IL


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